Four to the Fifth

A Team 4 Production

The Story


There have been reports of a zombie outbreak at a warehouse by the docks. You are Edward Bennigan, a member of a paramilitary organization that combats these foul creatures in order to protect mankind. You are part of a four-man team of weapon specialists: Rocket Specialist William Wilhelm, Sniper Specialist Sheila Van Dahm, Machine Gun Specialist Rodney Banks and you, Handgun Specialist Edward Bennigan. Your four-man team was sent in to investigate the situation, secure the area, and eliminate the zombies. Unfortunately, your team was attacked by a large zombie horde upon arrival and you have been separated from your teammates. Your goal now is to survive, find your teammates, and find the source of this zombie outbreak and stop it if you can.

The Basement

You fight your way through the basement with your trusty pistol and manage to reach the stairs. As you ascend to the next level you discover Machine Gun Specialist Bank's minigun in the stairwell. There is no sign of Bank's except for the blood smearing the walls which could just as well belong to the zombie corpses that litter the stairs. You continue upwards, minigun in tow.

The Loading Bay

You make it onto the loading bay. If you can just get through the loading bay doors you'll be home free. You use Bank's minigun to mow down the zombies in your path and reach the large metal doors. Just as you're about to pull the lever to open the door something catches your eye. Sniper Specialist Van Dahm's rifle lying next to a door that is slightly ajar. You look through the door and discover a staircase descending into darkness. Should you follow this path in the hopes of finding your teammates alive? Or leave through the loading bay doors before more zombies show up?

The Sub-Basement

Descending the staircase you find another level, lower than the basement. Large glass tanks filled with an eerie blue liquid line the walls. They provide the only illumination in this dark room. There is a door at the other end of the room and you make your way towards it. The zombies down here are larger and more powerful than the ones in the loading bay but with Van Dahm's sniper rifle and Bank's minigun you make short work of them. Soon you reach the door. Next to it, lying on the ground like discarded trash, is Rocket Specialist Wilhelm's prized rocket launcher. You pick up the discarded weapon and continue through the door, fearing the worst.

The Birthing Chamber

You find yourself on a balcony overlooking a large room. You think your eyes are playing tricks on you because in the darkness it looks like the floor below you is tossing and turning like a restless sea but then you realize it's just packed from wall to wall with zombies. The horde quickly takes notice of you and begins charging up the stairs. You make good use of Wilhelm's rocket launcher and blow the foul creatures to oblivion with shell after shell.

Soon there are no more of the creatures left. You make your way down to the floor, looking for a light switch. The bodies of your teammates were almost certainly among the ones you blew to pieces just now. Or perhaps you bore them through with a high-powered rifle shot to the brain in the previous room or ripped them to shreds with the minigun back in the loading bay or maybe you murdered them all the way back in the basement with your very own pistol.

You finally find a light switch so you can survey the massacre properly. The floor is covered with the shredded and bloody bodies of the zombies. Along the walls you can see more of the eerie blue tanks from before but these ones aren't empty. Each one holds a human-like lifeform in various stages of growth, from fetuses to adults. Your mind flashes back to whispered rumors of secret military cloning projects that were supposedly shutdown years ago, around the same time as the zombie outbreaks started.

But what holds your attention is the grotesque figure in the center of the room. What you see is hard to describe. It looks as if several zombies where thrown into a trash compactor that conked out halfway through crushing them entirely. Arms, legs and faces dot the surface of the creatures oozing, green body. The large misshapen blob of green slime and rotting flesh quivers and shakes every now and again and odd groaning noises erupt from somewhere deep inside its body. You see dozens of metal tubes protruding from the creature. They run along the floor, connecting it to the tanks along the walls. Every now and again the blob will shiver and make a squelching sound and one of the tanks will fill with a foul looking cloud of green liquid.

This is the source of the zombie outbreak, you realize. This is why no matter how many you’ve killed over the years always more pop up. The zombies discovered what the military tried to cover up so long ago: a cloning machine. They creating artificial humans and infecting them as they mature to create an endless supply of zombies and this horrendous creature before you is the source of the virus. But this revelation is not what horrifies you the most. From the putrid flesh of the super zombie, among all the horrific visages, three familiar ones stare out at you. It seems you have not yet given your teammates the rest they deserve. The Final Battle:

With this terrible revelation before your eyes and horrified vengeance in your heart you set out to destroy The Source. This is no easy task as it uses your former teammates against you. It seems that The Source not only amasses bodies into its being but also weapons. From its bowels the creature produces a handheld machine gun, a sniper rifle, and a rocket launcher and the dead hands of your comrades grasp them with practiced ease. You run around the room, making it hard for the slow creature to aim at you but you soon find it hard to stay near the edges of the room as The Source sends new zombies at you from the birthing tanks. Utilizing all of your comrades’ weapons you keep the zombies at by while also tearing into The Source with all the ammunition you have until the creature finally succumbs to its wounds and dies in an explosion of green slime.

The Creators

  • Kevin Coxe
  • Chiebuka Ezekwenna
  • Rhea Horton
  • Chris Laverdiere
  • Kasey White

Newest Updates:

  • New lab level.
  • HUD revamp.
  • Boss enemy.


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